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low heel
low heel  
QUESTION: hello sir. in the image i have attached, i believe that this horse has low heels for the left front hoof. 85% of the hoof is at the front of the knee. am i right? may i know how to calculate for the hind feet?


Very nice looking horse... But Yes...
80/85% is in front of the limb, which Causes Stress.
The heel buttress on the hind are flat on the ground. Because the hind end is their "motor"
so to say... They drive and push off the hind end, the stress is different, the bones and
joints are larger and can handle more.

80% of race track injuries are the front limbs, probably 90% are below the knee !!

Best to You!!
Joepaul Meyers,CJF

PS...I'll be working out of town for the next few days, it will be difficult
    to answer questions. Thank You

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hind feet
hind feet  
QUESTION: Great Answer !!

But its my humble request. Please teach me how to figure out a low heeled hind hoof in horses. i have attached an edited image. Tell me whether it is low heel or not.


IT IS "slightly" low in his angles...BUT THERE IS OTHER considerations when evaluating
a running horse !!

ALSO...It is "MY Humble Request", For you to slow down on the questions (3,4 a day)!!
I run (2) business' and DO THIS to Help people.
I ALWAYS answer the questions accurately but is difficult to "Train You" as you seem to
want, over the internet...

I'm NOT being rude, just cannot keep answering every little question for you that way.

Thank You for Your Time...
Best to You !!
Joepaul Meyers,CJF  


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