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       I am a single shy male of 61 thin built and  look younger
         I work with a all women office job.
       This year they talked me into dressing as a french maid with all of them     I loved it and they liked me dressed as a women too.     I was shy about it at first.    My legs are very  skinny   AND THE DRESS WAS VERY SHORT.    BUT I was suprised how much it made me look like a women.   With the long human wig and make up    It was a real fun party  too.   I  will dress as a women at all their partys.     Is there a dress I  could wear with my skinny legs?     Is there ever going to be skirts or dresses for men?   There has been talks about it a lot in the past years     And would love to see mens skirts dresses .    Mens clothes are so boring   I do wear womens shorts and tee shirts  makeup too in puplic  and at times my long  wig  because I LOST A LOT OF HAIR ON TOP       Johnny

Hi Johnny,

Sounds like you had a good time :)

There have been a lot of male celebrities who have worn skirts and in every collection that has been released since the 90s, there has been at least one designer who has incorporated men's skirts into their collections. Marc Jacobs seems to be the designer who started the trend. Every year, it's the same thing, but the trend just never seems to catch on... maybe it's the way you wear it that matters?

Here are some links you can look at to help you find what you are looking for:

Hope this helped.

All the best,

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