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QUESTION: I am a gay man getting married to my boyfriend in June. I am a closet cross dresser and have always dreamed of being a bride. My boyfriend has requested me to fulfill my dream and marry him as a bride. I would love to look as pretty as I can for him. We are going to have a small and a private ceremony with only close family and friends invited.

I have been wearing corsets under my shirts for many years to look more feminine. As a result I have a smaller waist and slightly more of an hourglass shape than most men. But I still have muscular arms so I would need to hide them. My measurements are 36-30-36 and I am 68 inches tall.

What style of a gown or dress should I look at? I would prefer if the dress emphasized my legs and hips rather than my upper body as I believe it to be more feminine.

I would appreciate any help you can offer and I hope you don't have any issues with my request.

ANSWER: Since you have an hourglass shape, the idea will be, as you said, to emphasize your hips, waist and legs.  I'm not sure if that means you want a short dress or a gown, so I will give suggestions for both.

If you don't want to show off your upper body, I would suggest a scooped round neckline with long sleeves that are not made of lace, but are made out of the same fabric as the rest of the dress (satin, silk, etc.).  Stay away from any neckline that will broaden your shoulders such as a boat neck or sweetheart neckline.  V-neck will also work, but square will not.

As to the body of the dress, you can go with whatever style you wish, since you have an hourglass shape.  Sheath, princess, ball gown, whatever you desire.

So, bottom line, V-neck or round (scooped) neckline (not a neckline like a T-shirt).  Sleeves made of fabric instead of lace.  Any type skirt, long or short, sleek or full, will work.

Have a wonderful wedding!

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Wedding Gown
Wedding Gown  
QUESTION: Thank you for your reply. What I had in mind was a floor length gown with a train. In fact I loved the design of this particular gown, especially how the train begins just below the level of the hips. Although it seems a bit extravagant I wonder if with a change of material it may look more acceptable. Please give any other suggestions you may have on this particular style of gown.

I love this style of gown for you but am concerned about a fabric change, especially in the sleeve area.  Is it possible to keep the lace but make it a heavy lace to cover your arms but still have the illusion of lace?  

Another idea that you might consider is keeping the delicate lace on the sleeves with nude fabric underneath that will cover your arms.

Would love to see photos,

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