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I'm going to my cousin's wedding in September. It's in California in an area
where the weather is usualyy like 75 all year long. The ceremony and reception
are indoors , but im always cold. I'm 14 and I have absolutely no clue what I
should wear. I'm not a big gown person, but it seems that a short dress would
be a little slutty. Maybe I'm wrong or looking at the wrong dresses. Please help!!
Thank you!!!

Unless you are in the bridal party or its a black tie event, you are not expected to wear a gown typically. However if you want to wear a gown, as long as you are sure the wedding is not casual such as a daytime garden event, then you can find nice youthful ideas in formal wear by looking at prom dress selections as an example - try a site like to get some ideas. Even better, which offers selections in gowns, sleek column style dresses (straight) and short dresses all of which are formal and will be fine for your wedding. Explore the short dresses and you will see many that haven't even a hint of "slutty"; beautiful tea lengths (just below the knee) and knee length cuts. This is a great website. As far as always being cold - and also looking a bit more demure - add a simple shawl ( or pashmina ( to cover your shoulders as you will probably notice that many formal dresses are seasonless with open shoulders and no sleeves. Besides in the climate you are going, you want the versatility of being able to wear the shawl or take it off to find your comfort level. Have fun!

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