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Manuel Rodriguez wrote at 2016-03-04 13:51:43
Another thing, you should not forget that you are who is trying to find a new style. Don't pay too much attention to the critics, 'cause they aren't you. Trust in yourself, and maybe in a person who knows you very well.

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Adriana Nicolo


I can answer questions not only about how to coordinate outfits, but also on accesorizing them. Also, I can give advice on what outfits are appropriate for certain occasions, from a middle school dance to an important dinner at you boss`s house. I also have extensive knowledge about types of fabrics, which would allow me to be able to answer questions concerning certain climate conditions and what to wear. I can answer questions about "What`s hot now?" and can help people assemble an entire outfit on a budget even as small as $30. Fashion and style are my passion, and I believe I could answer any question someone might throw my way.


I have studied independently about fashion since I was twelve years old, reading books and cutting out pictures and articles from magazines. I have four huge five-subject notebooks that contain all of these magazine and newspaper clippings and even copies of pages from books I have read. I closely follow the new fall and spring lines of the top designers, and have even ventured to sketch a few things of my own. I have also studied fashion history, some as early as the 1700s. Also, I am of Italian descent, and we have an innate sense of fashion!

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