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Fatherhood/Son is disappointed


Hi Dr. Tim
I am 55, my son is 25. Until the last couple years, I have been able to occasionally join him and his friends playing pickup hockey, football, etc.
Lately though, I just cant keep up physically, I have two bad knees and a bad back, and my heart is not in it. I feel like I am a 'retired' jock, though I do stay in shape.
The last couple times I have begged off, he has been really disappointed in me. I don't want to tell him I am just not into it, because I still kind of am, and if my back and knees improve I might go out again. I think he sees me as being 35 not 55!
I think the problem is partly immaturity on his part, but since he is on his own and an adult, I don't want to say anything to hurt our relationship.
Apart from getting a doctors note-what can I do?
Thanks and God Bless!


You need to just be honest with him. You are getting older and I know very well that when we age we just can't always do all the things we were able to do when we were younger. I know my children don't expect the same out of me as when I was 25 and yours should accept that fact. I am not a medical doctor so I can't really speak to any of the medical issues.  


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