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QUESTION: Tiger Woods has two children with a Swedish/European born woman not an American woman, because he is able to get a more favorable child custody and child support agreement with a European women that he would be able to get with a American women? Any divorce lawyer in the United States will say that is the truth.

ANSWER: Tiger Woods is a womanizing jerk who cheated on his wife and for that matter, his children as well and that is the truth.  His actions have lead to a great deal of pain and misery for his wife and their children who will forever be affected by his actions and that would be the same regardless of what nationality any of them were.  It does not matter where you are from it's what kind of person you are.  One with some reasonable amount of loyalty and honor or one who cheats and then tries to take advantage of the situation.

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QUESTION: I know why he did this? It is very easy for a American man to reach a child custody agreement in mot cases with a European women, but it is very difficult to do that with a American women and this is 100 percent the fault of the women.

The reality is that we don't know.  There is no way any one but the two persons involved can know these things.  Yes there are advantages of all sorts for all kings of situations,but what does it really matter.  It was tragic for this family, children especially and it will be with them all forever.


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