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SPL wrote at 2007-11-19 01:50:03
In the past I helped my elderly mother manage similar problems; we found that Area Agency On Aging offices varied greatly by state and community in the knowledge of the staff and the resources and referrals available. If your local Area Agency on Aging office is not well-staffed or informed try contacting those listed for the state, county or other communities. Your current circumstances should ensure help from any office of this type. They may refer you back to your local office but will usually give you the information you need first. Some other sources of genuine help are listed below:

The federal government's Housing and Urban Development website has specific information on programs and ways to help you to stay in your own home. Use the search/index feature, top right margin on HUD's webpage to look for senior citizens info page. The HUD site also has information about senior housing with rents based on a percenatge of income if staying in your home is too difficult. Typically there are waiting lists but organizations such the Agency on Aging or the management of the residence/ apartment building can help with emergency placement if it becomes necessary.

You may also be eligible for assistance through state agencies and utility companies. The state typically administers federal programs like Food Stamps as well as state-funded temporary support programs. In many areas the telephone, gas and electric companies have programs to reduce your costs with special rates or to enroll you in programs that offset your bill with a fund maintained by the company of contributions from users of the utility's service.

Lastly, although you may not feel much like it now, consider telling everyone you know or new people you meet that you need help and why; apply for any program that you hear about if you may meet the eligiblity requirements. The best referrals often come from those who have experienced similar losses and the others who helped them find their way through.  

cal wrote at 2013-02-07 19:37:24
Ask about a reverse mortgage.Many seniors I know have done this and they are able to keep their homes and have an income also.

Federal Government Contract/Grants/Purchasing

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