Female Masturbation/?

truth wrote at 2014-12-19 21:14:11
you guys are disgusting hypocrits who put it that way on a website just to encourage it, you're probably a pedo with serious mental disorder who enjoy posting this and make another account to reply and go wank thinking some young girls will try it after reading this.. seriously have you thought of hanging yourself when you're bored instead of masturbation, its way better you should try...

Female Masturbation

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Kate Rosling


I can answer mostly anything. I know the many causes of vaginal secretions; ways to get more pleasure out masturbation; safety tips; I am able to explain guilt feelings; etc. If you have any questions that you would like to ask in private because you are not comfortable with the Allexperts system, you may reach me on MSN at awfullynice@live.com.


My own experiences with masturbation. I've done many surveys on woman's health topics such as this, so I've been exposed to the many different problems women face with masturbation.

I am a certified Woman's Health Practitioner, and have a BA in Psychology from John Hopkins University.

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