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What does a orgasm feel like? im 23 and dont think that i have ever had one and if i have i dont relie that i did.. help please?


An orgasm is so hard to explain. I do know one thing, if you aren't sure if you had one or not, chances are you haven't.

If you have tried all the usual techniques of masturbating .. rubbing your clit and using your fingers at the same time and still not had an orgasm, maybe you should try another option. Sometimes with orgasms it's about having the first one that relaxes you and lets you have more.

If you are able to, and you can do this online, you can buy a vibrator. That is the very safe and easy way to have an orgasm. If you decide to do this, you can purchase one for about $15-20 that will do the trick. If you want help finding one, just let me know.

If you can't buy a vibrator you can try using water. A shower head works great. If you don't have one that detaches, laying in the bath tub on your back and let the water from the faucet go into your vagina.

Let me know if you have tried these and still not achieved and orgasm.

Angie :)  

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