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Hi, im 16 and have been masturbating for 2 years now and for the last year i have doing it daily and sometimes 5 times max. I wanted to know if its bad since i only use my clitoris for stimulation(i have only used my clitoris since i started). I think over the time i started masturbating that my clitoris has gone purple like it is now, not the light pinkish red colour it was, i think im not too sure. Since i dont directly touch my clit more like on the side when im masturbaing ithink have kind of streched my clitorial hood (is that even possible?). I have put on 10kgs since i started maybe that could of caused it? Also my clitoris does hurt sometimes when i masturbate ( not very often) ut i dont stop. Please help beacuse im afraid im hurting myself, but i dont want to stop masturbating!


Please dont stop masturbating.  You are getting pleasure and sexual release.  You just need to fine-tune your approach.  Dont worry about your clit turning purple.  You may have stretched your clit hood but thats ok too.  Are you being careful to keep your clit wet?  You need that to prevent hurting it.  It is a very tender area of your body.   

Explain to me how long you masturbate and specifically where you touch and how.

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