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QUESTION: Hello Angie I'm 17 I've been masturbating since I was 16. I remember doing it when I was younger but I was not aware of what I was doing I just knew I'd felt good to touch myself. I recently discovered that the best way for me to get a better feeling out of it is by rubing my clit(is that what its called?) Well anyways I've heard people taking about how it feels better I Their g spot. What is a g spot exactly and can you help me find mine? Thanks I'm advance(:

ANSWER: Hi Stephanie

The best way to find your G-Spot is to put two fingers inside you, curl them up to make a "U" towards your chest, and move your fingers in and out. You sometimes have to have your fingers in deep to hit your G-Spot.

Good luck :)

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QUESTION: Okay thanks you I'll try it tonight. I also wanted to know is it bad to masturbate because everytime I do it I feel bad about it and I try to quite but I can't. Also I was sexually abuse when I was younger I wanted to know if you would know if I'm still considered a virgin because that happens about 11 yrs ago and I have not had any sex at all also can you give me any tips on What else I can do I only use my fingers I'm thinking doing simething more intense I also like to read alot you know about any erotic books?

Ok hun, try what I explained to you and see how it works. If it doesn't work the first time, don't worry, it might take a few times to achieve a great orgasm.

I am sorry to hear about you being rapped. In my opinion  YOU are the one who decides when to have sex, so to me you are still a virgin.

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I can answer any questions related to female masturbation. I have had a psychology practice in the state of Florida for the past ten years. I deal with, but not exclusively, females who have or are dealing with many types of sexual changes. There are NO questions that are wrong to ask about masturbation. I take every questions seriously, and will help you in anyway I can. Please feel free to ask anything, and know you will get my best advice and judgment. I have included a photo of myself on my profile. This is so you can see who you are talking to. :)


As previous stated, I have practiced over ten year in helping teen and adults overcome numerous sexual anxiety, questions about masturbation, and sexual desires --- all of which were done on a clinic level.

I have a Maser's Degree in Human Sexuality from the University of Miami. I also have a Master's Degree in Psychology from the Florida State University.

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