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Female Masturbation/Can't Reach Full Orgasim? Or have I?

Forgive me if I seem reclusive, for I've never really spoke to anyone ( including my own mother)about this subject)
I'm a 16 year old female. I'm a virgin ( Though i think through rough horse back riding, my Hymen may be broken) Ok, so lets put it this way, i never had sex.
 I do, however, have a Boyfriend, but we never have the privacy to do anything.

So onto my question:
I've been masturbating since i was 12. ( I discovered it on accident one night) and it used to feel good. Used to.
For the past several years, or really since i hit puberty, it hasn't been pleasuring anymore. I don't think i reach a full organism. For masturbation, i normally just rub myself ( insertion never gave me any pleasure) I would get into a rythem, seize up and then, well nothing. I lose the will to do anything and my horny-ness drops. I don't release anything or feel what I've been reading on " Pressure". I'm starting to get frustrated with it now, as it is unsatisfying. The latest thing i've tried is using a little Hex Bug ( That vibrates ) and it helps me build up to my seizing up phase. But i still get the unsatisfying feeling, and i don't release or anything. Have any advice or tips for me?


It's really good that you started masturbating at age 12.  But you are needing to orgasm.  You must have a great deal of sexual tension built up in your body.  It can lead to frustration and can certainly affect you whole mood and temperament.  You need to orgasm.  In my opinion you only need some instruction and a bit of coaching to be able to get full orgasms every time you need one.

Are you familiar with kegel exercises?     Do you have any health problems?  Do you take prescription medicines?  And are your periods regular?  When do you expect your next period to start?  Do you use tampons or pads?  

Hopefully you haave enough privacy to relax completely when you masturbate.  And how often do you masturbate now.  How long do you rub yourself before you stop?   You may hae had a few weak orgasms along the way but you certainly are needing more than that.   I will help you.

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