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Female Masturbation/Masturbation and breath holding

I've had problems with pain during sex due to basically pelvic floor hypertension. I can orgasm when I masturbate, but never was able to during sex or under any stimulation with another person. I underwent physical therapy to reteach my muscles and me to relax. My PT's theory was that once the pain during sex was gone, the feeling of pleasure would follow. I get aroused with another person, but still haven't been able to make it quite there. I've gotten to the point where it's no longer painful to have sex, but the pleasure aspect hasn't kicked in yet. Recently I've noticed more that unless I'm holding my breath while masturbating, it's extremely difficult, borderline impossible, for me to achieve orgasm. Is there any way to change this habit?

I have a high sex drive, and it feels like sexual frustration keeps building higher and higher since I can't seem to orgasm easily or with someone else.

Hi Sara -

Do you use any type of adult toys? If not, I would try that. Even if your partner does not "like" the idea, I would still get them because of you sex drive and the fact you are frustrated.

I will be honest, I never heard of someone holding their breath. That doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you at all. The only way to break a habit -- of any kind really -- is to just not do it. No matter what, masturbate and make sure you don't hold your breath.

If you have gone to the OB/GYN and they have said everything is fine, then it is just a mental block for you.

Try changing things up. Maybe watch porn or read some stories online. Try adult toys, or something in the shower ....

I hope I helped even a little.

If you have anything else, please don't hesitate to ask :)  

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