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QUESTION: Hi, i am a 16 year old girl , and i like girls.
I get aroused very easily, and that has lately been a problem for me.
There is a girl in my school that i have sports classes with,
and she is really cute so i cant stop watching her during class and in the locker room.
2 weeks ago, during class she bumped into me and we fell, and it was so intense i had an orgasm.
I am sure sure she noticed it since she was lying right on top of me, it was really embarrassing, but she did not bring it up afterwards.
Last week i made an excuse so i wouldn't have to go.

my question is 1 is it normal that i have an orgasm just by touching her
and 2 should i talk to her, i really don't know what to say and i am a little scared but i cant ditch sport forever, maybe it is better to ignore it?


To be honest it is a bit odd you got an orgasm from just touching her. I am not saying it is wrong, just not the normal. It could just be that you
were a bit worked up to start and anything might have set you off. If it doesn't happen that often, then just leave it; but if you are noticing you are orgasming like that more often, you should see a doctor. But I personally don't think there is anything wrong with you.

For the second part of your question that is hard for me to answer. You are in HS, so it is difficult. I wouldn't want to say talk to her then you be made fun of if she doesn't like you like "that".

Are you out? I mean, do others know you like girls?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes, i was worked up in the first place, and she did land on top of me so i guess it was a little more than just a touch (she did not touch my vagina or something, i came a few times after making out for a long time, just not that instantly). The embarrassing thing is that it happened to me with HER.
I am out, most of my friends and my parents know and it was never a big deal to them, and i had a girlfriend before. I don`t think she knows though, its not like i walk around with a sign around my neck.
We dont really have highschhool here (im from germany), im not afraid of everyone finding out, its more about her. I just dont want things to get super awkward.

Hi Laura -

You seem really sweet. You can just tell her in private so not to embarrass her, that's what I suggest. Then if she likes you you both can talk about it, and if she does not like other girls, then you can be friends:) But in life, it's good to take chances so you don't have any regrets.

With your other question, I suggest you masturbate more. If you are getting that worked up and having an orgasm just by falling on someone, then I think masturbating on a regular pattern will help a lot.

Please let me know if I can help you in any other way :)  

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