Female Masturbation/Feelings I have.

Hi, I know this sounds weird, but I have a fascination for doctors and stethoscopes. I get a very strong urge to want to be examined when I see a stethoscope or medical things and masturbate sometimes twice a day thinking about it. The only way I can try and explain is when I was very young a doctor friend/neighbor (not my usual doctor) mom used to let him examine me and he would always wanted to listen to me with his stethoscope so I was made to get undressed for him to do a number of exams on me even just for a cold. I used to complain and hate it at the time and it always felt like a virtual stranger touching me.
As I have got older I kind of get a mixture of feelings (scared but excited at the same time) and a need to masturbate thinking of those times when I was not in control and couldn't stop it but a much older man was. I can sometimes spend days and energy doing this and afterwards I feel so much guilt about these feelings.
I have tried to stop, but after a while I give into them again then feel a weak and worthless person.

Hi Katie-

It is common to associate something that happened in your childhood with sex. Some people that were spanked as a kid and felt a bit "different" sometimes grow up and like to be spanked. Although yours is different, don't feel bad. It is not your fault.

I know you feel guilt and if you want to not feel that way, I suggest you go to therapy. I am not sure any other solution. I am glad you "kink" is non harmful, but I know it makes you feel bad and that is why I suggested it :)

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As previous stated, I have practiced over ten year in helping teen and adults overcome numerous sexual anxiety, questions about masturbation, and sexual desires --- all of which were done on a clinic level.

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