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QUESTION: Hi, I'm Gina 14 and thanks for the site it's great.  I attend an all girls boarding school and like most teens my hormones go crazy so I am usually jilling off 2 or 3 times a day.  I swim most days as that is my sport but sometimes even the water running over my body is enough to set me off!!  Three times a week I receive one to one coaching from Miss Green who is 19 I think.  We do this is a special training pool and it's usually just the two of us, it often requires me to swim lengths to perfect my technique.  Usually I have a swim float between my thighs and just use my arms, problem is Miss Green insists the float is placed right up against my crotch and any movement makes me horny, even floating about is enough for the crotch to get me horny with the float pressing there.  It feels nice and doesn't hurt, I don't want to say anything as I secretly enjoy it but sometimes I have to be excused to go and rub off.  Sometimes I have to float on my front and just show her the arm technique with the float jammed aganst my crotch, she usually holds me up by my tummy and this sends me into a right horny moment as well, as few times she has actually placed the float between my thighs to get the right spot and she has kind of rubbed my crotch a little with the float, as I said I enjoy the sensations but is it ok??

ANSWER: Hi Gina!
Everything you are feeling is normal! Everyone masturbates and it would make anyone feel good to have a float placed right up against their crotch. Can you tell me a little more about you and Miss Green? Do you ever think about her while you masturbate? Do you think she's pretty? Has she ever touched you with her hands?
Do you masturbate with your roommates or by yourself?
It's perfectly OK if you get turned on by other girls. Try asking Miss Green if she ever feels good "down there." She clearly wants to make you feel good when she rubs the float against you, and this is a gentle way to let her know that she is :)

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QUESTION: Hi thanks for answering, Miss Green is 19 I think and very pretty, yes I often think of her when I masturbate, I sometimes look at her crotch in the pool and it makes me horny, a few times she has accidentally touched my crotch and it felt nice.

Hi again Gina!
This is all very normal. You sound like a very beautiful young lady. Next time you're alone with Miss Green I want you to kiss her on the cheek and ask her if she ever touches herself down there. This will let her know you do too, and if she is uncomfortable at all she will just say no. I don't think she will be uncomfortable though ;)
If you would like to chat online, look me up on yahoo at cheergurl0111@yahoo.com

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