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Hi Angie!

I'm a single 19 year old girl from the UK who has just started uni.  I love masturbation and have been doing it virtually every night for the last few months - however, I have a rather bizarre method for pleasuring myself: I lie face down on my bed, head buried in the pillow, and rub myself passionately against the mattress, sometimes with the help of a clenched fist on my genitals, wrapped up all warm and cosy in my blanket.  This method has become like a ritual for me - I do it everyday before going to bed, and there's always a sensual, intense, and heavenly release that soothes my mind and brings me sweet dreams.  It's my secret garden and my favourite pastime, a beautiful throb in my belly that needs to be taken care of daily!  My concern is that I will never be able to orgasm in any other way and that my special technique is sexually abnormal.  Are there other girls who are in a similar situation, or am I just a freak?  I'm far too shy to talk about it with friends.  What's more, I've never had a sexual partner and am afraid that my obsessive solitary ecstasies may prevent me from pursuing an intimate relationship and opening up to people.  On the other hand, I don't want to give up my precious little habit, despite some residue of guilt.  Could you please give me some advice and respond in some way to all my worries?  I'm just an inexperience girl trying to discover herself...  Thanks for your patience!

xxxxx Elaine

Hi hun-

There are a lot of women that masturbate the same was as you do .... you are not a freak. Your body weight and the pressure you are putting on your clit is making you orgasm. I would try other methods, even if they don't work. I would try every second or third night masturbating laying on your back. Sometimes people do get to a point where they can only orgasm one way, that is why I am suggesting trying other methods ever once in awhile. Also, when you do have sex don't be discouraged if you don't orgasm; most women don't. What I mean is that when being penetrated, we have a much harder time orgasming than if he/she is going down on us.

Please le me know if I can help you out in any other way :)

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