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Doug Adams answered some questions I had about my 13 year old daughter. One of the questions he answered she wants to shave her pubic hair. Doug was concerned that I knew how much pubic hair she has. What I didn't say was I have been a nudist for 35 tears as was my late wife and my lady I am courting now. We go, in the warm months to wonderful resort a couple of times a month from birth my daughter always went with us. Lots of fun things for a kid pool, sometimes horses awesome game room and miles of trails. In your opinion are we wrong taking her???

         Thanks for your time.
         Harry Buchanan

Hello Harry,

Thanks for your question.

No, I personally don't think you are teaching her wrongly. In my opinion, society puts too much pressure on the body as being only sexual, when it is much more than that, and hiding or being ashamed of our bodies is unhealthy.  I think you are teaching her to be natural and not be ashamed of her body.  

However, she should have the option not to part-take in the nudity, if that is what she wants. There also may be some problems with the laws about teens/adults and nudity as well. And, she may be at an age where she may want to have bit more privacy about her body too.  I think as long as she is comfortable with it, then it is okay.  It is a lifestyle choice, so you shouldn't have to hide it from your daughter.

On the other hand, I'm not so sure I would want to see my parents nude, or be nude around them myself. But, I wasn't brought up as a nudist. So, maybe you should just talk to her about it and see how she feels.  If she is okay with it, then I would say that it is fine.  But ultimately it is up to you and her.


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