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Im 14 and ive been masturbating since a semi young age. About 7 or 8. Of course, at the time, I didnt know what masturbating was or what I was doing I just knew it was very pleasurable. Only in the last year or so ive started watching porn and fingering myself. None of my "sexual activities" (aka masturbating) is painful in any way. Just to answer any questions you might have for me in order to properly respond to me, im just over 5 foot, im approximately 110 lbs, and my body type is semi slim. Im not very self concious and I find that I can comfortably talk to my boyfriend about anything. Even sexual advances and personal issues. Ive never masturbated or anything with anyone. I always prefer to do it alone. Ive told him that I have sort of a personal "chastity oath" of keeping my virginity untill marriage. Im not sure if any of this is going to help you answer my question (or statement, if you will) but I'd like to share that lately ive been having trouble "getting wet". I have no problem getting turned on or giving myself clitoral orgasms but it bothers me that I have trouble naturally lubricating myself. Usuay I use saliva because (obviously) im uncomfortable with asking my mother to buy lubrication from the store but I would like to know if you have any tips for me as to how to make myself "wet".

Hi Bela, I love your name!
Sounds like you have a very healthy enjoyment of your body, and that is great! I also want to congratulate you on just staying "solo" so far. I won't preach to stay abstinent until marriage but certainly there are advantages to holding off on sex until a little later.
Getting wet varies from person to person. It has to do with your genes, and your environment (how turned on you are).
Since we can't do much about genes, lets talk about environment.
Do you find you usually masturbate because you are turned on? Or do you begin to masturbate because you are bored, or seeking the pleasure, or some other reason, and end up turning yourself on in the process?
Do you always struggle to get wet now or is it just sometimes?
I know you mentioned a boyfriend, do only boys turn you on, or do girls as well?
You said you've never masturbated with anyone else, does that include over the phone/online?
Answer these questions for me so I can understand your life a little better and tweak my recommendations :)
With Love,
cheergurl0111@yahoo.com if you would rather chat through Yahoo or email me

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I can answer most questions about male and female masturbation including physical, mental and ethical aspects. I've helped many girls and women, and some men, with issues like not enough pleasure, too much or too little masturbation, mutual masturbation and teaching others, and using it to improve your sex life or life in general. If I do not already know the answer to your question, I will gladly find it or refer you to someone who does.


I have helped my sisters and friends learn how to pleasure themselves growing up. I was always the one my friends would ask about it and I would try to help find the right solution for them. I am very comfortable talking about the subject and any problem associated with it. I believe there is always a solution to any problem, but I will not hesitate to refer someone to counseling if the problem warrants it. I strongly believe masturbation is a healthy part of living for both sexes, and can especially be important for women's sexual health and relationship success. I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology and have done a lot of research on masturbation, and how a healthy amount of it can be a positive part of a young person's life, and an uplifting part of a relationship or marriage later in life. Personally I have been masturbating since I was 11 years old, and I have tried just about every trick in the book. I know what worked for me, what works for most people, and what is just a bad idea.

Volunteered for one year at a local soup kitchen which also counseled clients. Worked one-on-one with clients as a Volunteer Life Counselor there, finding solutions to financial, shelter and clothing needs.

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