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Hi, I am 15 and I have masturbated since i was 11.  Over the years my orgams have gotten less intense.  When I masturbate, I either lay on my back with my head on a pillow and I slowly rub my clitoris until i get faster and orgasm (which takes about 20 minutes), or i run the water stream from the shower on my vagina until I cum.  I usually masturbate twice a day (one in the shower in the morning, one at night in my bed).  My orgasms were pretty great but recently they have gotten dull and just not intense at all and I have several (probably 8 or 9) red bumps in my vaginal area.  Can you tell me any ways that I can increase the intensity of my orgasm?  And do these bumps have anything to do with why my orgasms arent as intense?  How do you get rid of these bumps? (I am NOT sexually active and I do not shave the vaginal area, so they arent razor bumps) Thanks in advance!
      -Emily <3

Hi Emily -

How often do you masturbate? Sometimes if a person masturbates a lot their orgasms are less. Or, they have lost the same thrill as then you started. You can try anything that vibrates, like a electric toothbrush or some type of massager (not vibrator unless you can buy one), and they will increase your orgasm for sure. I know a lot of girls your age use an electric toothbrush because they are  not old enough to buy a vibrator yet. I would try this. If at any point it hurts, please stop.

For your second question, I found this http://womenshealth.about.com/b/2006/04/06/vaginal-bumps-and-lumps.htm

I am not a medical doctor, so I don't feel confortable diagnosing you, but if you are really worried please see your Ob/Gyn soon.

With the masturbating, if you need any further help, I am here. I don't mind answering any questions you have, hun.  

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