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I regularly masturbate. I have tried using fingers bt it doesnt really give that pleasure that i get with using an object.. I use a bold marker pen to rub my clit and insert in vagina to get a strong orgasm. I clean it before using with soap and water. I want to ask if it is dangerous to use such objects even after washing with soap and water? Why?

First of all I want to say Congratulations!  I am pleased to know that you do masturbate regularly and what really interests me is the fact that you have learned you can put an object in your vagina while masturbating and that helps you to get a strong orgasm.  Excellent!  That supports the principle that I tell most of the girls and women who come to me with masturbation issues.  Simply put, EVERY WOMAN(GIRL) HAS  DIFFERENT LEVELS OF SENSITIVITY IN HER CLITORIS, VAGINA, AND VULVA, as well as breasts, inner  thighs, etc.  Most tell me they have little feeling inside their vagina, but there certainly are exceptions.  By the way I consider intense feeling in the vagina to be a distinct advantage when it comes to sexual pleasure and satisfaction.  In many cases too, the woman has not fully explored her vagina to discover 'hot spots'.  The most well-known area of pleasure in the vagina is the GSPOT.  Since you find that inserting the marker pen gives you a strong orgasm, I wonder if you have had some gspot orgasms with squirting or dribbling during your orgasm.  Also I didnt mention that some women find that simply having the vagina filled, is euphoric, whether by a penis or some other appropriately sized object.  

You didnt tell me your age.  I believe you could benefit greatly from a dildo or vibrator.  If you are interested I may be able to help you select one that is best suited to your body and your needs.  To answer your question, the reasons a marker pen might be unsafe include several concerns for anything you put in your vagina.  Im happy to hear you are keeping it clean.  If you clean it thoroughly and effectively then that should eliminate the strong possibilility of infection.  There still are concerns that the lid could come off while you have it inserted.  That would not be a good thing.  At best the ink might irritate the delicate lining of your vagina.  I dont know how it would affect you long-term.  I am guessing you are doing something to prevent that from happening.  Putting the object in condom before using it in your vagina eliminates a couple of concerns.    Another major concern is any sharp corner or sharp edge or point on the object could certainly cut you or cause irritation in a place where you would not want that to happen.  I tend to be over-cautious in this area just because it is a most important area of your body and any damage could result in frustration in addition to the pain, discomfort, and risk of infection  that is possible.

How frequently do you have an orgasm?  Do you ever have orgasm without inserting the marker pen into your vagina?  Also, how long do you usually have it in before satisfying yourself?  And do you use any other objects?

Thank you for your question.

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