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Hi, I'm Sherry and almost 14, I have been actively masturbating since I was about 11 and get horny very easily especially close to my period.  I work for my dad part time in the evenings and weekends at his picture framing workshop, I use the machine that makes the different shape and size picture frames.  It's really cool I put the dimensions into a computer and then load the wood.  I also operate the bit that shapes the wood.  About a month ago my dad had a new bit added to the machine and where I stand to shape the wood there was a metal handle sticking out almost the shape and size of a penis!!  I was alone one afternoon and stood astride it and as the machine worked the handle vibrated very gently but intensly, it happened to be just at crotch height so as I was alone I stood there with the handle jammed between my thighs, skirt up enjoying the sensations tingling through my panties, moments later I was wiggling on it and almost had an orgasm.  Now every time I am there I stand with it between my thighs and pressing on my crotch, even if dad is around as he works the other side of the machine, I don't orgasm but I can edge myself for ages and knowing dad is just the other side sometimes adds to the thrill.  I really like the sensations is this kind of masturbation ok?

Hi Sherry,
Well it sounds like you have discovered an interesting masturbation aid.  It sounds like it sure feels good.  I wonder why you donít orgasm.  Tell me much more and maybe I can help you.  And you can always find me ay nikkigolden55@yahoo.com.  Is the handle smooth?  Do you have to stand on your toes to reach or do you have to bend your knees a little?
I wonder why your dad adds to the thrill.  Why is that?
Tell me more about how you have been actively masturbating for about 3 years.  What do you do?  The more I know, the more I can talk about your new masturbation aid!
This sounds like an awesome masturbation session to me.  I want one too!  Seems OK to me!!

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I can answer all questions regarding female masturbation. I can help you reach an orgasm by masturbating, reassure you that your masturbation habits are normal, and assist you in discovering your sexual self. I am non-judgmental and caring by nature.


I have studied female masturbation for over 20 years and am an avid masturbator myself. My research has involved one-on-one interactions, personal experiences, case studies, epidemiology, and field and computer-assisted research.

I have a doctorate in biological sciences, but female masturbation has been a primary interest of mine even before I received my PhD. My goal is to assist women of all ages so that they learn that there is no shame associated with masturbation. It is a natural act that has been repressed (i.e., guilt provoking) for far too long. Women deserve pleasure the same as men, and masturbation is the best way to learn what feels good. Once they learn, women can show their partners what they like.

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