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I am a 21-year-old female and have been sexually active for about 3 years.  I am not on birth control, eat a normal diet, and have no major health problems.  I masturbate once or twice a week but have never reached orgasm (through masturbation or sex, although my sexual partners have been admittedly inexperienced). I have usually  have no problem getting wet by reading or watching erotica or by thinking about a current partner. I have tried fantasizing while masturbating but I usually have a hard time "staying in it" if you know what I mean.  I masturbate using my fingers or a vibrator or the shower head.  My problem is that most of the time I feel a sort of mini-climax and then I loose my desire to continue.  I admit that I do not have much patience for masturbating and I usually stop after 20 minutes.  I think my biggest problem is being too much "in my head" but I do not know how to remedy this.  I want to experience life with as much intensity as possible and I know I am missing out big time but not experiencing orgasm!

I do appreciate your desire for orgasm.  Permit me to say that I feel you are trying too hard.  Could that be the case?  I usually tell young women to masturbate with the objective of making it feel as good as you possibly can, NOT so that you can have an orgasm.  Please dont misunderstand me.  I want you to orgasm, and I have found that most females will orgasm when the orgasm is secondary, and your primary goal is to make your body feel good by stimulating not only your clit, but your whole body, particularly breasts, nipples, inner thighs, lower tummy, and your whole vulva.  Yes, the clitoris is the center of sexual sensitivity for you Madeline, but it must come in time.  So relax, enjoy the experience, and please focus on how good your body feels, the sexual sensations .  Try to intensify it by relaxing and experimenting with different ways of stimulating yourself.    When it feels good enough your orgasm will overtake you.  Staying relaxed while masturbating can be a challenge.  Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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I have been helping women (mature women, young women, teens and girls who have questions) for more than 8 years. Many have found success in their attempts at first orgasm as well as more intense orgasms. Whether you are a beginner at masturbating, or just curious about it, or you have years of experience, I will be happy to answer your questions and help you get your needs met. I have become familiar with the different types of female orgasm. I can assist in finding and stimulating the GSPOT. I have helped several women to enjoy multiple orgasms for the first time in thier life. I usually gather some information that helps me to understand what is really wanted and needed. My success record is very good.

I have studied alternative medicine including how it relates to sexual energy and the delightful pleasure of masturbation for both male and female and certain aspects of sex therapy.

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I have many satisfied clients. Much of my work has been done via Q & A, but I have found audio and video instruction to be most helpful. Interactive video or audio usually gives the best and quickest results, but is left entirely to the discretion of the woman asking for help. Whether you need reassurance, simple information, or 1 on 1 coaching I can help you masturbate to orgasm.

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