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Hi, I'm Lori and 14 and have a sister Beth who is 12.  We are both good friends and spend loads of time together.  A while ago we were on holiday with mum and each evening while mum went to the bar we stayed and watched TV and stuff.  Beth had quite bad sunburn and asked me to rub lotion in her so she stripped to her pants.  I sat on the bed and held her by her tummy and with one hand while I rubbed the lotion in her back with the other.  As I did this my hand on her tummy moved down a bit so it was resting on the front of her pants.  As I carried on rubbing the lotion in I don't know what happened but I begand to rub and feel her vagina through her panties, Beth had her legs apart and I was gently massaging her through her underwear.  I realised what I was doing so I stopped and then she said she liked how it felt and to keep doing it.  I rubbed more lotion in her back while I felt her vagina some more and rubbed her knicker crotch, does this mean I am a lesbian??

Hey hun -

First, this does not mean you're a lesbian. You are just experimenting, and being gay means you only like girls. It's very normal to want to try new things with someone of the same sex, but that doesn't mean you are a lesbian :)

Second, I don't recommend doing this with your sister. It could easily cause a weird strain in your relationship now and later how. I urge you not to do  this type of behavior with someone in your family. I hope you understand :)  

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