Female Masturbation/What do i do?

QUESTION: Hey, im amber i have a question... When i mastubate i feel wrong but i do it anyway. I never had a orgasm and i usually use baby oil and my fingers but i feel nothing whats so ever. Im fourteen and my parents are agaisnt it but i like it. I have no locks on my door not allowed to use candles... My parents are always home. Everytime i try by just touching my clit and circling it nothing. I tru ising my fingers to penetrate nothing... Maybe something is wrong. Can you help me? Thankyou!

ANSWER: Hi hun

Sometimes it takes time to feel the sensation of masturbation.

Are you able to get wet?

When you say  you feel nothing, you mean you feel nothing at all? If so, are you on any medications or have your ever been sexually abused? I'm sorry to ask such personal questions, but some women that have been abused have no sensation on their clitoris.

One thing you can try is using the shower head, or you can lay on your back in the tub and let the water run on your clit. Both are known to give women orgasms.

I am more than willing to help. I know this must be frustrating. Just always be completely honest with your response to my questions and we can work through it.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Well at random times. Not when i want to masturbate. I have no replaceable shower head and yes i have been abused whrn i mean nothing i feel sparks of electricity i guessbyou can call it then nothing. I am on medications concerta, prozac, respirodone (i think thats how you spell it i hate medication names) and claundine and melatonin for sleep.

Hi hun -

I am really sorry about what happend to you.

I am not a medical doctor, but I know that combination of your past and  your current medications, there is a good chance that right now you don't feel much in that (clitoris) area. If you are not already, I would suggest to see a psychologist. There really isn't any technique I can give you that would stimulate you, that you haven't already tried.

If  you need anything else, please let me know.

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