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So....I guess I'll just start by saying that I think I have a weird masturbation technique. I started masturbating when I was pretty young- maybe around 6? But....how I do it is, I lay on my side and clench my hand between my thighs, kind of rubbing my clit as I do so, and I just clench and unclench a lot, and that gets me off. I've been doing it this way since I started. Recently I've discovered that I'm also able to achieve orgasm by straddling and grinding a pillow, or the back of the couch or something. It that odd? I have been trying to masturbate the normal way, by just laying down and rubbing myself, but I just can't seem to get myself really aroused, or cum that way. I feel like that's odd, too. Do you think that I could eventually train myself to orgasm this way? Because I don't think my way would be very beneficial to future boyfriends...

Dear Leia,

My goodness, please do not worry so much!  Many many women masturbate exactly as you have described.  Itís a very natural way to masturbate.  Donít worry about trying a different technique.  If it is not broken, there is no need to fix it.  Enjoy and relax!  You and your boyfriend will learn what works for you when the time arrives.  And at least you will know if you reach your climax or not.


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I can answer all questions regarding female masturbation. I can help you reach an orgasm by masturbating, reassure you that your masturbation habits are normal, and assist you in discovering your sexual self. I am non-judgmental and caring by nature.


I have studied female masturbation for over 20 years and am an avid masturbator myself. My research has involved one-on-one interactions, personal experiences, case studies, epidemiology, and field and computer-assisted research.

I have a doctorate in biological sciences, but female masturbation has been a primary interest of mine even before I received my PhD. My goal is to assist women of all ages so that they learn that there is no shame associated with masturbation. It is a natural act that has been repressed (i.e., guilt provoking) for far too long. Women deserve pleasure the same as men, and masturbation is the best way to learn what feels good. Once they learn, women can show their partners what they like.

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