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Hi, Nikki.
Ok, if I'm completely honest, I'm a bit nervous about this. I've never really talked to anyone about my "sexual life" or anything. My name is Ray & I'm a 16 year old girl. I'm a virgin, but I do have a boyfriend. He is just as much my best friend as he is my boyfriend. The most we've ever done is have me sit on his lap & move around a little when kissing. & this has only happened a few times in the 9 months we've been dating.
Anyway, I masterbated for the first time about 5 months ago. I have only masterbated by myself. It was about another 2 or 3 weeks before I did it again. And what I did was I placed my pointer finger & middle finger on the skin about an inch above my clit. I then curled my fingers & pushed them forward, moving my skin up & down. I did that for a few minutes, it felt really good, & then I stopped because I got nervous. About a month or 2 ago, I found that if I put my fingers in the same place & did that, but I also made little cirlces, it felt even better. I finally made myself cum for the first time about a month ago, when doing this. Normally, I would feel like I was about to cum & then I'd involuntarily buck my hips forward & feel this jolt & nothing would happen & this would just happen again if I tried to keep going. However, like I said, I was eventually able to cum a little. I was successful for about another 2 or 3 weeks when doing this. (& my masterbation habits have become more frequent than when I started) However, the last week, every time I try to masterbate, the jolts happen again & I feel very sore. I feel a tiny bit sore even when not masterbating. I'm terrified I have done something to harm myself & that's why I'm sore. Do you think I could have rubbed too hard or too much & damaged something?
Also, I have found my g-spot & have tried fingering myself a couple times. It really doesn't give me much pleasure at all. It did a little the first time, but not so much, if at all, any other time. Is this normal? Because I know that it usually feels really good for most girls but I just can't make it feel good for me.
Thank you very much for listening & I look forward to hearing back from you.

Hi Ray,
Thank you very much for your questions.  First of all, everything that you described is perfectly normal.  Your description of how you masturbate sounds very much like what I do.
Do you tense up the muscles inside your vagina when you are getting close to your climax?  If you try this and hold until you reach your orgasm, you will notice that it feels much better and is easier to reach your climax.  That works for me!
Now I do believe that your body is talking to you Ray.  Do you use saliva or your natural juices for lubrication?  If not, you could be rubbing a sore place (almost like a rash from the carpet or something - know what I am talking about?).  You must use something to keep it as slippery as possible.  The other possibility is that you may have rubbed too much too long.  I doubt that, but if you wait a day or two, everything will be OK.  I promise.  You CANNOT break anything the way you are masturbating.
Finally, don't worry about the G-spot thingy.  In actuality, that is simply rubbing your clitoris from inside your vagina.  Turns out the clitoris is much more expansive than people thought for a long long time.  But that does not work for everyone, and the clitoral orgasms are the best anyway.  Believe me!!
I hope that this helps!

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