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I've 16 years old and have been masturbating for five years. I always masturbate lying in bed with my panties on, and I rub my pussy from the outside of my underwear. I can't seem to do it naked. I don't feel much if I'm naked, but if I'm wearing my underwear, it feels amazing. And depending on how tight it is around my waste can also depend on how it feels. Also the material it's made from has an effect.

If I want to masturbate in the shower or in the bathtub, I have to wear my swim suit.

I can masturbate lying down, sitting down, and standing, so long as I'm wearing a little something.

I understand most people are naked when they masturbate. I want to know why I'm a bit different and why masturbating naked doesn't work well for me at all.

I think it has to do with how you learn, and how you train your body to receive pleasure. A lot of women I know don't feel as good if they have cloth or something in the way, because they learned and had their first orgasms without clothing there. others have to rub their clit in a certain way or no orgasm, because it's how they learned to cum. You can re-train your brain but it isn't easy. You would need to refrain from masturbating for a few weeks and when you start again, only masturbate naked. It won't feel as good in the beginning but will feel better the more you do it.
Is it really worth it though? I say keep doing it the same way! It's a turn on for guys or girls however you do it, and if it works that's all that matters!! :)


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