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Female Masturbation/Making masturbation go faster

Hi, I was wondering if you have any ideas on how to make masturbation go faster? I really like masturbating, but don't get to do it often, mainly due to how long it takes when I do. Usually it's at LEAST 30 - 40 minutes, & sometimes over 1 hour. That's a lot longer than most, right? I really want to masturbate & get off quickly, b/c I don't have a partner & I really want to enjoy self pleasure more often.

I think my biggest problem is I don't want to start unless I know I can finish - if I have to stop before my climax, it really gets me down, b/c it's like I shouldn't even try. What can I do about this?

Hi Rae,
My first thoughts would be that you aren't turned on enough, or that you aren't stimulating yourself quite well enough. Let me ask you some questions:
How old are you?
Do you get wet? If so how wet?
What do you fantasize about?
How do you masturbate?

Female Masturbation

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