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Any ways tips or suggestions to stop masturbating.
I started a yr ago but before that I never thought about touching myself of anything of that sort but after I did do its something I do daily if not 3 times a week. I am able to stop for a few days but there are days when I really feel like I have to do it but I don't want to and I always end up doing it help me pls ?

Hi Zoey!
Why do you wish to stop? I believe it's normal and healthy!
Think about it like this: every human body has a need to reproduce, or human beings would eventually die out. Your body doesn't know that maybe your culture or your upbringing teach that it's not OK to have sex until you're older. As far as your body knows, it's sexually mature, and for the sake of your species, it wants to reproduce as soon as possible; therefore the urges will likely never go away.
If you do wish to stop though, the best way to stop masturbating is to keep yourself occupied so you limit the amount of free time you have, therefore limiting the time you have to be tempted.
Unfortunately there isn't an easy way to suppress your sexual drive, or to lessen the urge to masturbate.
Good luck!

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