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Hi I'm Stephani I asked a question about  under the title masturbating but for some reason it wouldn't let me respond under the same section of that question if you don't remember I asked about me not getting as wet as I usually do when I masturbate anyways I was masturbting earlier and I noticed that I do get wet but not the same as before like I usually masturbate sitting up agains something like my beds head board or in the bathtub and before my whole vagina would be wet like where my clit  is all the way down to the bottom but today I noticed that I was dry around my clit area and wet more to my vagina sill not as wet as I was before but why is that is it just the way I am positioned ( but why now and not before ) and a other question I use to always get turned on when I would rub my clit like really wet and I would this really good feeling but bow I don't really feel anything have I lost sensitivity on my clit and is it permanent?

Hi Stephanie!
First, no it's not permanent. Your body goes through phases and moods, and it's possible your body is just craving a different type of stimulation for now, but it's not likely permanent. have you been using a vibrator or humping something hard that may have caused your clit to get less sensitive?
Also, as far as your wetness, what are you doing differently that isn't spreading your wetness around as much? Your body doesn't produce wetness up around your clit; it only secrets it inside our vagina. So before you would've been touching yourself around your little hole and bringing that moisture up to your clit. Have you changed something since then?

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