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Female Masturbation/Orgasms not as intense as at first?

Hey Ashley,
I started masturbating when i was probably around eleven or twelve (I'm fifteen now). i can't remember clearly but I'm pretty sure I started off with just humping the pillow. Then I think i googled it and began to try clitoral stimulation. At first it didn't work but then I started watching videos to get me naturally lubed up and it was amazing. I was able to have the most intense orgasms and I believe I even squirted a few times. However, the squirting orgasms confused and embarrassed me because i thought I was just peeing or wetting the bed, and so I held back every other time I masturbated.

I have done my research and I know now that squirting/female ejaculation is one of the more intense orgasms.

I feel that since I stopped myself from doing this when I was younger ( thinking it was a bad thing) I can now no longer relax enough to have that amazing orgasm that rolls up from my toes and washes over me in a tingling wave.

My orgasms now are all via clitoral stimulation. They are purely a rushed, intense feeling of pleasure in my clitoral area that lasts no more than a few seconds. I never feel satisfied and these orgasms make me always want someone to fuck me, then eat me out afterwards- as if the original orgasm hadn't even happened.

It is incredibly frustrating because as you can imagine, I work myself up, getting horny and touching myself and imagining things, and only get such a small orgasm ( is it even an orgasm???) as relief from all the sexual tension.

I'm praying that you know exactly what my problem is and are able to tell me how to fix it? Because those intense rolling waves of orgasm have been looooong overdue for a couple of years!

Thank-you so much :)

Hi Piper!
Good to hear that you are no longer ashamed to really go for it :) Have you tried "edging" which is where you get yourself almost to orgasm and then slow down or stop so that you don't climax. Do this a few times before allowing your orgasm and it will be more intense.
Have you tried going back to the pillow?

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