Female Masturbation/Am I a bad person?

I am 13 and recently been getting wet and having those urges. Today I touched myself for the first time and feel like a bad person. I've been reading through these QandAs but still think I need a personal answer. Am I really a bad person? I mean, I'm Catholic and strong in faith. I just wanna know.

Hi Lauren!
So good to hear you've joined all of us girls and women that masturbate. Of course you're not a bad person! Most people masturbate, and many do it a lot!! I know I do, lol. I didn't think the catholic religion was that hard on masturbation, but maybe they are. Regardless, it's as natural as eating and sleeping. You said it yourself, you are getting wet. Your body is craving sexual release and life is to short to feel guilty for feeling pleasure. What is it exactly you feel guilty about, the action or the thoughts you have while you touch yourself? Did you have an orgasm the other night?
Love, Ashley

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