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QUESTION: I don't totally know how to ask. I'm a 12 year old girl. I have masturbated in the bath/shower before using the water to make me orgasm. Also a little bit other ways like putting a pillow between my legs and moving. I recently started trying to use my fingers but every time when I get close my hands almost freeze up and I can't finish. I loose my orgasm and am usually left sore and tingly. Is something wrong?

ANSWER: Hi Fiona!
Nothing is wrong with you! We all have different ways of doing it, and each girl feels best masturbating a little differently then each other. You could be just getting too tired by the end, or just not sure how to push yourself over, but either way I recommend keep practicing, and don't be afraid to continue to use the bath and pillow to make yourself feel best! Have you masturbated with anyone else yet?

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QUESTION: Thank you for your reply! I really feel better already knowing it is something normal :) I wanted to ask about masturbating with someone else. I don't have a sister or a mom, just two brothers and a dad. Do you mean like a friend?
Thank you, Fiona :)

Hi again Fiona!
Yes a good friend can be great to have fun and experiment with. I have talked to a few young girls who have masturbated with their brothers as well, that can be a whole different level of excitement, but also a little risky too.
If you have a good girl friend that you are close to you should make a joke about masturbation and see how she reacts to figure out if she does it too!

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