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QUESTION: My friend and i have been friends for a long time, like 10 years. We are 16 now. anyway, we have had lots of sleepovers and yes there have been times where we see each other in just panties n stuff, or even just a little nude and its never bothered us. The thing is...the last time she slept over it was kinda hot in my room and we both went to bed in just panties n shirts.  She took hers off later and yes we were being stupid n silly about seeing each other like that.  Heres my question though, I dont know if she got excited by that or not but like later on I could feel her moving and then I could tell she was masturbating. At first I freaked out, but afte a little bit it excited me. I'm not a lesbian or anything, and I didnt say anything to her about it because I wanted her to finish for her and cause it excited me.  I don't know how to feel about it or if I should say something to her cause I dont wanna embarrass or freak her out.

ANSWER: Hi Shelby!
That's not too weird! It happens a lot actually. She probably thought you were asleep. I wouldn't say anything unless you want that kind of thing to happen again and to be able to talk about it. Unless you suddenly lose all of your attraction for boys, nothing else can make you lesbian, even if you were very turned on by it or even if you experimented with her, you still wouldn't be a lesbian. Even if you were, that's nothing to be ashamed of or to fear. I would have been excited too if my friend was masturbating naked next to me!!
Did you touch yourself at all? Maybe after she went to sleep or after she left, while you thought about it?
It honestly sounds like, if you lost your fear about being labeled a lesbian, that you'd be very interested in being a little more open with your friend about this stuff, maybe even experimenting. I think it's very likely she feels the same way. After all, it's safe to say she was turned on by you having very few clothes on ;)
Let me know your thoughts!
Much Love,

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QUESTION: I did touch myself a little, but not like full on but a little cause it was almost like without even thinking. I did do it the next night though. I'm pretty positive I'm not a lesbian but I have to say its made me think a little more about things. I'm just super glad to know I'm not weird or something.

ANSWER: Did you know that most credible research shows very few of us are 100% straight or 100% gay? Most humans have, at least moments, where they experience attraction to the same sex! So you are more normal then you know!
I've been in that situation before when I was about your age and let's just say my panties were soaking wet lol. We were 15 and she was sharing my bed and began to masturbate when she thought I was asleep. Her bare leg and thigh kept brushing against mine and I could smell her. I couldn't wait until she left the next day so I could finally finger myself like crazy, LOL, even though I dreaded her leaving too... but I needed it so bad lol. It wasn't too long after that that she made a joke about masturbation and we ended up admitting we did it, and later did it in front of each other. It was such a relief not to have to pretend I didn't do it, and not to have to wait until she was gone anymore. And hearing/watching her... omg haha. My orgasms were even more powerful doing it with her.
Did you get wet while she was doing it? Have you thought about it since then when you've masturbated?
Lots of love,

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QUESTION: I think that statistic makes sense. And yeah I was getting pretty wet. Thanks for talking so open and plain about it. Yeah the smell was driving me crazy but I was so afraid to say something and ruin the moment. I think I finger ed myself like 4 times the next day!! lol

Hun all I do on here is talk openly lol :)
You sounda lot like me!! I'm surprised it was only four times LOL!    JK ;) I'm going to go out on a limb and say that she was really hoping you would wake up and say something and join her. In fact I'm absolutely positive she was fantasizing about just that while she was touching herself. Did she just rub or did it feel like/sound like she was fingering herself? Did she sound wet? I don't think I would ever be in the mood to masturbate right next to someone unless they were the reason I wanted to. If she's anything like me, she was thinking about you waking up and catching her, and starting to do it yourself, then she likely started thinking about helping you, touching, fingering, even licking you, and I'd bet anything that's what made her cum. I bet you were thinking about some of these things the next day too ;) I think I'm going to have to play match maker here! Is she coming over again soon? She's made the first move, so she did tthe hard part, now all you have to do is answer her ;)
Write back sweety!

If you ever want to talk more privately off-site, you can what's anything me at beachbumchick1@Yahoo.com  or im me
Love, your friend Ashley

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