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hello, i have a vibrator that i use quite often, but i am concerned because i use it to the most intense vibration and i worry that maybe it might kill my clitoris. i feel like i can only masturbate using this toy and feel intense pleasure with it. i have never felt the "g-spot" orgasm because I've never had sex, so the most intense orgasm I've had is clitoral. however, i feel like i have to be a bit rough on my clitoris to feel pleasure. sometimes it takes me forever to reach the climax. does this intense vibration hurt my clitoris? can it lose its sensitivity? i feel like i can never stimulate my clitoris with just my fingers. I've tried. if i don't use my vibrator, i have to lay on the carpet and rub my clitoris by moving my pelvis area side to side a bit roughly to masturbate , but it is not as intense as when i use my vibrator and it feels like a different type of orgasm. is this abnormal? also, i don't seem to get wet at all, I'm a bit concerned about this because i am only 21 years old and i feel a bit dry. all my friends say they get really wet. I'm scared that this might be abnormal and am thinking about seeking medical attention and have a doctor look at it but i want to get some advice from an anonymous online source first before i expose my genitals. (I'm shy) is it a mental thing that i can't seem to get turned on too easily or is it more physical? please help, and thanks for your time!

Michelle, my first advice is to stop using the vibrotor on your clit for a few weeks.  Do you think you can do that?  There is a danger of desensitizing your clit with the strong vibrations.  Why dont you work on trying to stimulate your gspot for a while.  If you need help with it I will give you some pointers.  Let me know...

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