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Hi, thank you for taking the time to answer questions, my wife has told me that when she masturbates she likes to put pressure on her clit, I tried to do that to her during foreplay, but it didnt seem to do anything for her, I'm wondering what im doing wrong? She's very sweet and doesn't complain but I can tell what feels good for her and what doesn't

You'll never know unless you can get her to show you how she likes to be touched. There's thousands, maybe millions of variations of touch and pressure, you have to have an open dialogue about it. Ask her, it doesn't make you weak or stupid for asking, it makes you brave!
Good luck!!

Female Masturbation

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I will do my best to answer your questions about female masturbation, including what healthy masturbation is or how it can become unhealthy, when you should consider masturbating with others and when that may cross the line to sex, and how to handle masturbation in your family whether it's your parents, siblings or children


I am a Master's Student in Developmental Psychology and have focused most of my classes and research on healthy sexual development. I have helped younger siblings, friends, cousins and now my pre-teen daughter embrace masturbation and safe sexuality in a healthy and vibrant way.

Church organizations, a counseling/soup kitchen volunteer organization and several teen puberty forums where I hope to offer advice

Class-specific college writing on Developmental and Sexual health

B.A. in Psychology at an Indiana University. One year of Masters classes.

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