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I use an electric toothbrush directily on my clit for stimulation.  I heard something about being careful, because I could desensitize it.  Is that true and would the desensitization be permanent? Plus, I enjoy myself immensely but it doesn't seem like I can go all the way and orgasm.  Is the orgasm supposed to "explode"? I feel like I get close but no "explosion".

Hi Holly!
It is true, to an extent. But it can easily be reversed by taking a break from the toothbrush or masturbating less frequently. If it isn't causing a problem in your love life, it's nothing to worry about, enjoy yourself!
Orgasm does feel like an explosion of pleasure, in a way, but it's different for everyone and not every woman can reach orgasm. The only thing you can do is enjoy yourself the best way you know how and not focus on reaching orgasm. Just enjoy the pleasure you do have!

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