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bonjour! I have a question for you all. When i rub my nipples through my shirt my vagina starts tingling and gets wet. All i have to do really is rub one nipple in a circle, taking turns between rubbing and tapping it and i'll feel a tingling sensation in that side of the vagina. If i rub/tap both nipples at the same time my pussy starts tingling like crazy and gets hot and starts to throb all while being extremly wet.  The tingling builds up and up and it feels so fucking amazing! Pardon my language. Does everyone feel this way when they touch their nipples?

Hi Ivy!
Yes, you are perfectly normal! Your nipples are definitely connected to your ability to feel sexual pleasure, although science isn't quite sure how or why yet. All women are different and some women feel nothing at all from rubbing their nipples and some women can orgasm from just touching their nipples, and not their pussy. Crazy, huh?
Enjoy it, and have fun with yourself ;)

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