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hello, i have a concern about my vibrator. so i have a clitoral vibrator and when i use it, i use it on full blast and use it for hours. it just feels so good that i can't stop, but i feel like the more i sue it, the more pressure i use . can using my vibrator too much permanently desensitize my clitoris? also. am i supposed to get really wet with this kind of stimulation? because i don't really get that wet. also, after a while of using this toy, i stood up to go to the bathroom, and i started feeling dizzy and my ears were kind of ringing. i just want to know if this type of masturbation is healthy or not? should i stop using my vibrator for about a year to regain my sensitivity? can this ruin my hormones because i masturbate for too long periods of time? please, any answer would be very helpful. thanks for you time!

Hi Michelle!
Yes, using a vibrator regular does cause a slight desensitivity, but it's NOT permanent! If you were to stop using your vibrator for a period of time you would see that any stimulation is again wonderfully sensitive!
I don't believe you can masturbate too much as long as you aren't hurting yourself or ignoring important things like school work. The dizzyness and ear ringing is likely just due to your body being extra stimulated and aroused for a lengthy time while you masturbate, but my disclaimer here is that I'm not a doctor so if you have concerns please see one.
Otherwise, have fun with your vibrator, I know I do!

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