Female Masturbation/Help?

Well I am 15 almost 16 years old, and I'm a virgin and really would like to stay that way due to being insecure I also feel as if I'm not ready for that. I have been really frusterated lately and I have been thinking about sex and what it would feel like to experience it. The other night I was reading a fanfic and it had a dirty scence in it and it started to make me feel warm down there and it felt like it was thumping? So I tryed to take care of that problem an I didn't leave me satisfied. I felt really uncomfortable about speaking to my mom about this so I came here too ask it instead. I would really like to know how to satisfy myself if this happens again... Using my fingers didn't really appeal to me, so what else could I use? Without making it obvious of what I'm doing..?

Hi Katlynn. Just like craving food when your body needs nutrition and getting sleepy when you're out of energy, craving sexual release is OUT OF YOUR CONTROL and NOT your fault, it is a natural urge and is the reason we (humans) are here today.
Practice makes perfect, so I say keep using your fingers when you get aroused, you will figure it out soon, I promise. Another way though is the bath tub faucet! Lay on your back and slide your little self under the faucet so the water is hitting you right at the top of your slit (make sure it's a nice warm, but not hot, temperature first of course) and just lay back, think about that dirty scene in the fanfic or something else that turns you on and it should feel amazing. Best of all everyone else will just think you're taking a shower or bath and it's private!
Have fun!

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