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Female Masturbation/masturbation and orgasms

I LOVE masturbating, and I've loved it ever since I was a wee little girl. My methods and techniques and stuff may have changed over the years, but I've never stopped enjoying it.

I was wondering about orgasms though. I've had them even as a little girl, and they've become stronger as I've become older. I do enjoy orgasms, and I wouldn't ever want to masturbate and have to stop before having one. They are a sense of relief and very much needed. Yet, I also at the same time feel like they are a disappointment. I mean, once I have one, I feel like it's over. I'm done masturbating at least until I feel like doing it again. I also seem to enjoy everything else about masturbation more, everything that leads up to that moment. I can spend an hour or more masturbating before I reach orgasm and I'll enjoy every moment of it, but then as I have the orgasm, I completely calm down, and then it's over, and I find something else to do. I suppose that's a good thing or else maybe I'd ALWAYS be masturbating if I never felt a sense of it's finished. But I'm still wondering if other people feel the same way or if there's something I'm not doing and should be doing during the orgasm that would make it more enjoyable for me. I always thought masturbation was about the orgasm and in a way maybe it is, but for me it's not the most enjoyable part. Does that make sense?

You are perfectly normal and I feel the same way all the time!! When I do get a little alone time to myself, I love to make it last as long as I can. It's so pleasurable to just lay there and make myself feel good; but then usually once I've cum, I'm tired and the moments over or I have other things I need to do. I think you're right that it's a good thing that it's like that or else we'd both always be doing it ;)
P.S. You sound like my daughter who is just about to become a teen, she spends wayyy too long in her room hahaha

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