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hi. is rubbing your nipples considered masturbation? Whenever my nipples get hard and my shirt brushes against them it makes my pussy tingle. so whenever i touch and rub them at the same time my pussy gets soo tingly and it feels really good. I don't want to be masturbating, so thats why i want to know if touching nipples would be considered that. I don't even know how to explain how it feels. like the touch of my nipples makes me go crazy down there. my pussy just starts to thump and tingle. tingle. its like tingly and kind of warm down there.It also gets pretty wet. the feeling in my pussy is intensified if i do both at the same time. it feels really good though, i can't explain what else feels like this. All I know is that it feels very very good down there. I discovered this by accident by the way.

Technically yes any time you manipulate your body to feel good sexually, it's considered masturbation, but why would you want to avoid masturbating? It's perfectly natural and healthy! It's no different than scratching an itch or eating when your hungry. Your a normal girl with a beautiful sexy body that is horny for your touch, don't shy away from it. Enjoy your wetness and your wonderful body :)

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