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Female Masturbation/A human rights violation

From time to time I've heard about this horrible procedure that's forced upon women and girls in certain countries especially in parts of Africa and the Middle East and I'm referring to female genital mutilation(FGM for short)which is labeled, and rightfully so, as a human rights violation but it's still, unfortunately, practiced in certain countries and cultures for either religious reasons or some kind of sick and twisted right of passage and I've researched this topic and I know this barbaric procedure involves the partial or total removal of the external female genitals and the ones who perform this procedure view this as a way to destroy a woman's sexual desire and I also know that female genital mutilation can lead to severe health problems such as infections that could even be fatal and if a woman survives the procedure she'll be left with long-term effects such as frequent urinary tract infections and incontinence and complications with both sexual intercourse and pregnancy just to name a few. However, the question I'm wondering about is; Is it true that female genital mutilation would in fact forever destroy a woman's desire for both masturbation and actual sexual intercourse?

It is, certainly, a disgrace and an embarrassment to all of human civilization that this practice continues in some places of the world, but your question is difficult to answer. I haven't personally interviewed anyone who has had this done, but I can take an educated guess that no, a women's desire for masturbation or sex wouldn't be destroyed but severely hampered.
I would equate this procedure  to cutting off the head of a man's cock. You would still be able to feel some pleasure from stroking the body of the cock, massaging the balls, flicking the nipples, etc... and you would still desire to be physically close to your partner, but your sex drive would be nearly gone, and your pleasure would be reduced to about 5% of what it was, likely unable to orgasm.  

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