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I'm 18 and been masturbating since I was about 13. At first it was just humping my pillow or laying under the faucet of my bath. Now I finger myself with one hand and rub my clit with the other. I've heard of people usually the handle of a hair brush. Just wanted to know if that is safe to use?  Also I put baby oil once on my vagina and rubbed my clit and it felt way better than using saliva because it didn't dry so fast. But after it felt like the oil went inside of my vagina, is that safe? Thanks for your site!

Hi Melissa,
anything clean without the possibility of breaking or cutting you is essentially safe to use. Stay away from wood due to the chance of a splinter (OUCH!) but most hairbrush handles have been treated and won't do that. As you've gotten older you've experienced the increased pleasure with penetration and insertion, it's perfectly normal! Use a clean soft hairbrush handle, or even baby carrots or smaller cucumbers!
As far as lubricants, the ones at the store are your best bet, but if you can't get a hold of some of that, anything that is as close to pure oil will be fine. Nothing spicy or with any kind of strong smell or flavor.
Sounds like you're on the right track. Enjoy yourself ;)

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