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I am 20 years old and i can't masturbate normally i think... I can only reach climax via crossing my left leg on the right one very tight... Is that normal? Do i need help? I feel very insecure with this. Any guy so far i liked, i was terrified to have the simplest thing with him because i was feeling that i cannot reach climax in any kind of way so i have been repelling them... I feel that i can't have sex as it won't satisfy me in the way crossing legs does. It has caused me tremendous insecurity this thing. I am afraid no other position will please me... :(

When a good friend of mine (male) began dating his now wife, he tried everything but couldn't make her orgasm. She has to rub her clit in a very specific way, using one finger up and down with a slight side to side motion as well. It's just what worked for her from a young age and it's how shes wired to orgasm. They have a LOT of fun and he makes her feel good but she almost always has to finish herself. It's not ideal, but my friend doesn't care. He's not going to leave her because she can't orgasm from sex or from him, don't be silly! A lot of women struggle to orgasm from sex or stimulation from someone else. Don't let it keep you from dating! When the relationship becomes sexual, just casually apologize in advance that you have to finish yourself. Most guys won't care as long as they still get off, and most of them will LOVE to watch you get yourself off as well!!
Have fun!

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I will do my best to answer your questions about female masturbation, including what healthy masturbation is or how it can become unhealthy, when you should consider masturbating with others and when that may cross the line to sex, and how to handle masturbation in your family whether it's your parents, siblings or children


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