Female Masturbation/length of time

When a person begins masturbating; about how long is it supposed to take until orgasm is reached?

Because usually it takes me at least an hour, and it can take me up to three hours sometimes, but there are some people I know that can get it done in as little as five minutes if they want.

I like taking my time, but I'd also like to be able to do it quickly if needed. How can I do it quickly?

Without being there with you it's difficult to give you any for sure methods that would cut down the time required.
My best advice is to switch up your mental stimulation.
Most people think how good you feel and how easily and quickly you can orgasm depends on mostly physical stimulation, but research has shown that mental stimulation has an increasingly strong effect!
In other words... someone you're not attracted to can do all the right moves on you and it will feel just ok. Or just being around someone you are so in love with and so over the top attracted to can turn you on and even bring you half way to orgasm, just being around them with no stimulation, so don't neglect your mind!
What really turns you on? Even if it is taboo, read stories about it, watch videos, let go of restraints and judgement and don't focus on or think about orgasm, that isn't hot. Just enjoy the feeling and the fantasies!

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