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Hi! I'm 15 and I have been masturbating for a few years now. Well when I say masturbating I mean rubbing my clit, I only went in a few times before but it hurt and felt a bit uncomfortable. I really wanted to orgasm tho and I'm worried that I can't cause I can go on for ages and not orgasm and it was kinda making me worried that I can't. But I read this article about where ur g spot is and I wanted to try and find it. So I think I found it but I started worrying about not being able to orgasm again so I just dried up and it started to feel uncomfortable so I had to stop. I was wondering if you could suggest a lubricant or something, but the thing is ,my parents can be quite prudish and I think I'd be to embarrassed to go and buy it so is there anything else I can use? Also I'm really worried that I'm not gunna be able to orgasm, do you think for some people it's just not possible to orgasm? Please help, hormonal teenage girl problems aha

Hi Daisy!
Totally understand teenage girl hormonal problems ;)
You WiLL be able to orgasm, it just takes patience and time! Try baby oil or any non-scented lotion, anything with no spices or chemicals or added scents or flavors should be fine!
Also, don't focus on orgasm! Focus on the amazing feelings of touching yourself and on your fantasies of that hot guy or girl ;) As soon as you focus on the orgasm you stop turning yourself on and your body responds by shutting down sexually.

Good luck!!

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