Female Masturbation/need help

QUESTION: "I`m 16 years old and about a year ago i started masturbating, but i never really understood it.
I've tried fingering and just rubbing, but it doesn't work. ive read on the internet but nothing makes much sense.
I've never orgasmed and i would really love to can you help?"

ANSWER: Hi Alvilde,
I have a few questions for you so I may help you further...
Do you get wet and aroused sometimes? Do you get wet when you try to masturbate?
Do you get horny a lot, rarely or never?
Are you attracted to boys, girls, or both?
Do you watch porn or read sexy stories or books when you try to masturbate?
When were you the most turned on in your life, and what happened to make you that way?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: hey thank you for your respond.
yeh i get wet and aroused a lot in fact, but i never try to masturbate if im not "in the mood"

well yes i get horny, quite a lot in fact and  i like bout girls and boys yes.
porn and sexy stories yes but i dont know i get wet and horny but it just dont feel so good...
well that was when i was with my boyfriend, he made it so easy to get me in the mood and i was dripping wet, he was holding up against the wall kissing my neck and touching my breasts and between my legs.

i just wanted to thank you so much for the quick responds because im really worried something is wrong with me... thank either way

Hi again love, I don't think anything is wrong with you but it's difficult to tell without being more involved.. knowing how you're trying to masturbate, how you're feeling, and knowing what is happening to you physically, it's hard to say.
If you use yahoo messenger chat please add me, beachbumchick1@yahoo.com  If you don't have that, it's free, just sign up for a yahoo account and download their messenger.
I will be able to help you if I can chat with you and figure it out together.

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